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Shawn Samaniego, Principal, QSP/QSD CPSWQ

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Profile & Background

Shawn is a Project Manager with over 20 years of well-rounded design experience in civil engineering, forward planning, and entitlements.  He is noted for his diligent work ethic and ability to communicate effectively with clients and his associates.  He is well respected for his teamwork environment and moral values.  We get compliments on a regular basis from our clients who have worked with Shawn, citing his reliability, punctuality and professional demeanor.  


Previous Experience

Wood / Patel, Phoenix,AZ – Shawn was introduced into civil engineering career by beginning as a CAD drafter at one of the largest and fastest growing firms in Arizona.  Shawn worked his way through school while learning how to be creative, connect with clients, and smart design using the latest technological resources.  Shawn returned to the central valley upon graduating.  He credits his tenure at Wood / Patel for providing him an opportunity for growth and site development experiences that resulted in his personal growth in the industry.


O’Dell Engineering, Modesto, CA – In 2005 Shawn was offered a position as CAD Manager for another growing engineering firm.  It is at O’Dell where Shawn flourished in his abilities to utilize the latest technological resources.  In addition to his duties as CAD Manager he worked under Project Engineer’s as lead designer.  Again, he was presented with an opportunity to work in large master planned site development projects that exposed him to situational problem solving.  


MCR Engineering, Manteca, CA – Shawn assisted principals Tony Marshall, Anthony Canella (former), Jim Rachels (former), Kevin Hewins, Dan Eavenson, and Rob Marler in land development projects throughout the central valley.  Working for the industries best engineers he quickly identified that having core values that were committed to ethics, hard work, and punctual productivity would lead him to one of the most valued project managers.  Shawn’s ability to provide quality design, meet client’s expectations, and solution-oriented attitude makes Shawn a great asset to the project team. 

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