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Rob Marler, P.E.

Profile & Background

Rob is a Principal of MCR Engineering with over 20 years of well-rounded design experience in civil engineering.  He is noted for his excellent people skills (a rare possession among engineers) and the ability to communicate effectively with clients and his associates.  He is well respected for his work ethic and moral values.  We get compliments on a regular basis from our clients who have worked with Rob, citing his reliability, punctuality and professional demeanor.   


Notable Projects

City Engineer - City of Waterford, CA - Rob has designed & managed nearly all of the capital improvement projects that have been constructed in the City of Waterford over the past 15 years.  His projects include storm drain improvement projects, full street reconstruction projects, Safe Route to School projects, Intersection / Signalization projects, downtown rehabilitation project, lift station upgrades, sewer line replacement projects, and storm drain outfall projects totaling more than $8 Million.


City Engineer - City of Oakdale, CA - Rob has designed, overseen, & managed nearly all of the capital improvement projects that have been constructed in the City of Oakdale over the past 8 years.  In his current position as City Engineer, he provides oversite and review of all private development plans, all capital improvement plans and the long term infrastructure planning of the city.


Woodward Avenue Sewer & Storm Drain Trunk Lines, Manteca, CA - Rob was the design engineer for the City of Manteca’s south sewer and storm drain trunk lines, which included 2.5 miles of 36” Sanitary Sewer and 54” Storm Drain.  He also assisted Dan Eavenson with engineering and office support for our construction management duties.  Rob has reviewed and approved all submittals, pay estimates and invoices, and provided engineering support for field clarifications and modifications.


Downtown Renovation Project, Waterford, CA – Rob navigated through StanCOG and Caltrans Local Assistance to secure $1.5 Million in CMAQ and RSTP dollars to fund a much-needed face-lift to the streets that comprise Downtown Waterford.  Drawing from the best elements of other downtown renovation projects in the Central Valley, Rob created a design that has made Downtown Waterford much more inviting to the local residents and much more pedestrian-friendly.  The project was completed under budget and just in time for a big “trunk-or-treat” celebration by Waterford residents on Halloween night. 


Valley View Water Tank, City of Oakdale, CA – Rob prepared plans and specifications for a new 1 MG concrete tank, associated piping and site improvements with Cort Abney.  It was truly been a collaborative effort between the City Cort, and Rob, consisting of several meetings, and lots of email dialogue to ensure that all aspects of the design have been discussed and reviewed by all affected parties.

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