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Doug Banks, P.L.S.


Profile & Background

Doug manages our mapping department and has over 19 years of experience in mapping and boundary work.  Doug oversees parcel and subdivision mapping, Records of Survey, analyzing boundary data, Lot Line Adjustments and Mergers, writes legal descriptions and prepares exhibits.  Known for his intense focus and attention to detail, Doug has earned the respect of the county surveyors who check his work.  As a result, his final maps and other survey documents are always approved in a very short time frame with very few, if any, plan checks.



Previous Experience

City of Waterford & City of Oakdale, CA - Doug performs all Lot Line Adjustment, Lot Merger, Parcel Map and Final Map plan checks for the City of Waterford.  He regularly prepares legal descriptions for them for additional Right-of-Way takes, Public Utility Easements, Temporary Construction Easements, Lot Line Adjustments, Lot Mergers, and other office survey work.


Manteca Unified School District, Manteca CA - Doug has been providing on-going office survey work for MUSD for over five years, including Community Service District (CFD) formations, boundary research and determination, Lot Line Adjustments, Records of Survey, legal descriptions for property acquisitions, easements, property and easement abandonment and many other duties.


City of Manteca, CA - Doug’s work for the City of Manteca has included Corner Records, legal descriptions and plats for Right-of-Way dedication and abandonment, Public Utility Easements, Temporary Construction Easements, Annexations, Lot Line Adjustments, Lot Mergers and City property acquisition, as well as Records of Survey.


South San Joaquin Irrigation District, Manteca CA - Doug has prepared countless topographic and boundary surveys for the District, including extensive boundary research and determination, as well as legal descriptions and plats for easements, abandonments, property acquisition, and parcel splits.

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