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Nicklaus Stephens, P.E.

Profile & Background

Nick is one of five Civil Engineers at MCR Engineering, with 4 years of well-rounded design and practiced experience in local city projects. He has spent 3 of those years as a full/part-time inspector and resident engineer for the City of Oakdale and Waterford, during which he spent his time in the field becoming well versed with typical construction practices and standards, giving him a leading knowledge for the team during project designs. He is noted for his excellent people skills, his ability to communicate effectively with clients and associates, and his sincere desire to improve the communities in which he resides.

Notable Projects

Inspector & Project Engineer - City of Waterford, CA Nick has collaborated on design, helped oversee and manage, and inspected nearly all the capital improvement projects that have been constructed in the City of Waterford over the past 4 years. His projects include full street reconstruction projects, street overlay and slurry seal projects, street widening projects, frontage improvement projects, sanitary sewer improvement projects, water distribution and rehabilitation projects, and park improvement projects.


Inspector & Project Engineer - City of Oakdale, CA Nick has designed, overseen, managed, and inspected nearly all of the capital improvement projects that have been constructed in the City of Oakdale over the past 3 years. Similar to his service for the City of Waterford, his projects in the City of Oakdale have also included major rehabilitation and upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant, downtown beautification projects, an electrical vehicle charging station project, lift station upgrades, well site improvement projects, various municipal facility upgrade projects, Caltran’s right of way improvement projects, and private development projects.


South Fifth Avenue Improvement Project, Oakdale, CA – Nick started this design in 2018, and developed the $1.3 Million project to include full reconstruction of the road, frontage improvements, water and sewer main replacement, storm drain upgrades, and beautification of the intersection outside of the public works offices. Incorporating the input of city staff and city council, Nick created a project that provides for future expansion and development and also showcases the pride of community development at the S. Fifth Ave. and “I” Street intersection which includes custom bump out returns, decorative signage and bollards, stamped colored concrete, and a new public works monument.


Well No. 9, Hughson, CA – Nick is currently performing inspections, preparing plans, and helping with project oversite and public relations. In this collaborative effort, Nick continues to communicate weekly, if not daily, with the water engineer and project manager on site to help ensure that all aspects of the design have been reviewed and construction is going according to schedule and plans. In the oversite capacity, Nick has participated in several meetings with city staff and ongoing email dialogues to make this project a long-waited reality for the City of Hughson.

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