James Hanley, P.E., LEED AP, QSD/QDP

Profile & Background

James is one of five Civil Engineers of MCR Engineering.  He has been instrumental over the past few years helping out with the majority of the RD 2064 contract administration and as a design engineer of capital improvements for the City’s of Oakdale and Waterford. While also playing a pivotal role on private industrial projects throughout the Stockton area and large private developments like a 350 Acre 1,600  home residential development in Santa Nella, CA. 


James spent the first 6 years of his career working for his family’s second-generation construction company with a long history in the City of Stockton, learning the construction practice inside and out. After finishing college in Boise, James spent a few years in the engineering field there working for both the local Highway Agency and a private development engineering firm. He moved back to California 3 years ago and brings a large diversity of knowledge to each project from two states acting as both a development engineer and a municipal engineer. James is well known for finding practical solutions in hydrology, stormwater quality, and common-sense engineering. He knows how to adapt to new situations and find solutions that work for multiple stakeholders to provide a quality and cost-effective final product.

Notable Projects

Intermodal Way Crossing of Drain 3,  Manteca, CA James has been the primary designer on the Drain 3 crossing of the proposed Intermodal Way. James conducted a hydraulic study, determined the final culvert sizing and designed the inlet and outlet structures.


Bridgeford Project, Stockton, CA James is the primary designer & project manager for a 12-acre industrial development at the Stockton Airport. Existing site conditions required that James create a complex TR-55 time step analysis with weirs and orifices to receive the first-ever Volume Reduction Waiver from SJ County’s Phase I permit by using existing pipes as storage.


Ripon Storm Drain Analysis, Ripon, CA James worked with Dan Eavenson and the City of Ripon to construct hydraulic models of the city’s storm drain system to address localized flooding due to HGL backups. Finalized models were developed, and cost-effective solutions were recommended using the city’s existing parks and implementing a Storm Drain Trunk Line Rehabilitation.


RD 2091 FSRP Project, Ripon, CA James was the primary designer and project manager for MCR’s scope of work for the 5 seepage berms designed by MCR and Kleinfelder for RD 2091


Assistant District Engineer RD 2064, Manteca, CA James helps Dan with District Engineering Duties. Including administering projects, conducting investigations, designing repairs, modifying assessments, assistance in state funding procedures.

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